Central America, Nicaragua

Playa Popoyo

3 Jul , 2015   Gallery

We were very lucky because during our stay in San Juan del Sur there were ISA World Surfing Games 2015 in Popoyo beach. It wasn’t very far so why not to go there. The only problem with travelling to remote villages is usually the transportation so I wasn’t very surprised when it started to be complicated. […]

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Central America, Panama

Playa Venao

16 Mar , 2015   Gallery

I initially wanted to travel to Santa Catalina to learn surfing. However, Dano from Morgan Bay hostel recommended me to go to Playa Venao instead. This is what I really love about travelling. You can change your plans in 1 minute. And man, was it a good decision. Playa Venao is very well known business for surfers. […]

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