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How much I spent in Costa Rica

12 Jun , 2015   Gallery

I spent totally 44 days in Costa Rica, divided into 2 parts. First part was 27 days, then I flew to Cuba for 3 weeks and then came back for another 17 days. So, how much money did I spend over there? It wasn’t very cheap but it wasn’t super expensive either. Lets do some […]

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Central America, Costa Rica, Tips

How was my Costa Rica in almost 7 weeks?

10 Jun , 2015  

Long term travelling gives me lessons all the time. My Costa Rica trip is an excellent example. I initially planned to stay there 2-3 weeks. At the end I stayed almost 7 and it was very hard to leave. There are many pros and cons of this beautiful country. Here are mine. Pros Costa Rica […]

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Central America, Costa Rica

The rest of Costa Rica

8 Jun , 2015   Gallery

I visited many places in Cost Rica but from some of them I simply don’t have any pictures or stories to share. The first reason was the weather. Travelling around Costa Rica at the beginning of a rainy season can be quite hazardous. It is very unstable and it can start raining anytime, especially around the […]

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Central America, Costa Rica


2 Jun , 2015   Gallery

From Cuba I decided to go directly to Santa Elena, small mountain village in Monteverde area. There are couple of interesting things to do here – the highest bungee jumping in Latin America, first zip lines in Costa Rica or beautiful cloud forest national parks. Direct bus from San Jose supposed to take 4 and half […]

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Central America, Costa Rica

Nicoya Peninsula

1 Jun , 2015   Gallery

It has been almost 6 weeks (with 3 weeks pause in Cuba) since I started traveling around Costa Rica. Everybody was warning me that Costa Rica is expensive and I should be prepared to spend a lot of money. Honestly, it’s not so far from the truth. Costa Rica really isn’t very cheap. The good […]

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How to watch your budget?

25 May , 2015   Gallery

The problem not very known to tourists but so familiar to long-term travellers. How to manage money so it lasts as long as possible? No, I am not talking about the chosen ones who have rich parents or won the lottery and have unlimited amount of cash. I am talking about ordinary people like me who left their […]

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Central America, Costa Rica


14 Apr , 2015   Gallery

The thing I appreciate the most about solo long term traveling is freedom I have. I especially love the last minute decisions. Exactly what happened on my way back from Pavones. As I already wrote it was very hard to leave that place. I could easily live there for couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t have […]

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Central America, Costa Rica


9 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Well, well, well. Finally in Costa Rica. After 2 days without electricity I left Bocas Del Toro archipelago and decided to cross the border. One month in Panama was just enough. Bastimentos was a lot of fun and relax but it was time to move on. And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t forget […]

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