Central America, Nicaragua

Somoto Canyon

29 Jul , 2015   Gallery

I suppose everybody knows the great Grand Canyon in United States. Definitely one of the world’s wonders. But what about its smaller brother in central america? Is it really worth to pay a visit to this 8 km long canyon on the north of Nicaragua? Well, believe me, it’s more than worthy. This part of Nicaragua surprised me so much that together with my visit of Alberto I consider them as the highlights of my whole trip.

Somoto Canyon is located just a few kilometres outside of a small town called Somoto. My friend Lotti and me decided to take a tour with local guide Henry. There are 2 options – shorter 4 hours or longer 6 hours tour. Henry explained us everything about our hike and even pointed out that the picture of Somoto Canyon is the main motive on 50 NIO banknote. Nice to know.

Not much equipment was needed – just a sunscreen, camera and a lot of water. Our guide handled everything for us in a waterproof bag and provided us life vests. They are not necessarily needed but as we found out later they are amazing for swimming in the river.

We started our hike by 2 km long walk from the main road. From the beginning it was obvious this will be an epic experience. Beautiful river, trees and flowers everywhere around us.

But the best part was just waiting for us. Quite soon we reached the point where the only way how to get further was by water. And so we put on our vests and started swimming – with our clothes and shoes on. We explored the local wildlife and jumped from our first rocks. At that moment we still didn’t know what to expect and that was good.

As we continued we found beautiful caves, bats and even bigger rocks to jump off.

And so we swam, walked, swam again, lied on the sunny rocks, played with local cows and jumped off even bigger rocks.

This place is so beautiful and adventurous that we didn’t even notice how 5 hours passed. As we approached the final part of the canyon we noticed more people jumping from the huge rocks. The selection of heights was really rich – 4 m, 6 m, 10 m and for the bravest ones even 20 m. For some reason I had a huge respect here. It’s some kind of fear you cannot describe. I already stepped out of my comfort zone that day and didn’t feel like doing those jumps.

At the end of our trip we were so cold that we literally ran out of the canyon to find a piece of rock warmed by sun. Local boat then took us through the last part from where we walked 2 km back.

It’s very hard to describe my feelings with any words. You have to experience it to understand how beautiful this place really is. It’s just 8 km long canyon but now I fully understand why is it called the Grand Canyon of Central America.

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