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Leon, my most favourite city in Nicaragua

22 Jul , 2015   Gallery

As usually, I didn’t plan to stay in Leon for 3 weeks. And as usually, this is why I love long term travelling so much. No deadlines and so much freedom. Let me be honest – after 4 months of constant moving and travelling I was pretty exhausted and needed a break. Just 1 or 2 weeks of staying at the same place, eating the same food and doing the same shit (means nothing) every single day. I was missing a routine. Again, as usually the hostel I chose in Leon didn’t seem to be special at the beginning. But once again, people I met over there made it super special.

La Tortuga Booluda

I never check any guides like Lonely Planet and Leon wasn’t an exception. I found hostel La Tortuga Booluda accidentally and luckily I didn’t know that it’s #1 hostel in Leon recommended by Lonely Planet. Knowing this, I probably wouldn’t go there. And I would missed all those great people.

Long story short, there are so many cool things to do in this hostel and in Leon itself:

  • volcano boarding with Quetzaltreckkers guys
  • sleeping on my favourite sofa for hours doing absolutely nothing
  • playing pool and drinking local beer
  • playing card game called caboo (thanks Ariel, this is the best card game EVER) and drinking local beer
  • playing guitar
  • playing bongos
  • spending 2 hours making and eating pancake breakfast
  • going out and drinking local beer
  • dancing and drinking local beer
  • hanging out with Quetzaltreckkers guys
  • drinking smoothies in central park
  • eating the same food at the same restaurant every single day
  • buying water melons from the same guy every single day
  • visiting Museo de la Revolucion
  • walking barefoot on the roof of cathedral
  • walking around Leon
  • visiting local markets full of local fruits, vegetables and food

Of course, I cannot forget my favourite girls Lotti and Chamai. The night when we watched that horrible horror movie and then sneaked into different screen to watch the last 5 minutes of Terminator 5. Well, we definitely learnt 2 important lessons: “mamiiiii” and “genesis is skynet”. I shall remember.

And another epic (fail) surfing trip with Lotti to Jiquilillo. No waves, expensive hostel and food and the best thing – good people of Chinandega stole my iPhone while getting off the chicken bus. I definitely won’t forget those 4 days.

Thank you Leon and all people I met for the most memorable moments.

Hostel: La Tortuga Booluda
Price: $7 per night with pancake breakfast

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