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Volcano boarding

3 Jul , 2015   Gallery

Volcano boarding was definitely the craziest thing I have ever done in my life. It was on my bucket list for a very long time and Leon in Nicaragua is the most famous place where you can do it. There are many companies which organise it but only one is the right one – Quetzaltrekkers. Why are they the best you are asking? Many reasons. First – they are non-profit organisation and all money is going to support local children projects. Second – you have 2 rides instead of just one. Third – you have free lunch, the most famous Quetzaltrekkers burritos on ranger station. Isn’t that enough? Then I have the fourth one – the most amazing crew I have ever seen.

You start at 8:00 at Quetzaltrekkers office in Leon. You prepare your space suit, gloves, water and truck will take you around 40 minutes outside of the city to Cerro Negro volcano.

When I saw the volcano for the first time I started to have this feeling in my stomach. You know what I mean, when you’re pretty nervous. The volcano looked really steep. But what the hell, we live only once. We grabbed our boards and started walking. It’s around 40-45 minutes to get up.

The volcano is crazy windy and with the board in your hand it’s sometimes very hard to walk. But the views are stunning. We even stopped in the crater. Some places are so hot you can easily make scrambled eggs there. Well, this is the youngest volcano in Nicaragua and the last eruption was in 1999 so it’s quite expected. The wind was so strong you could just lean towards it and it held you. Crazyyyyyyyy.

But it was time to get ready and put on our space suits, space gloves and space goggles. Like real astronauts.

Now, it’s very hard to describe the ride itself. You’re scared because it’s very steep, some places have more than 40 degrees. The officially measured speed record is 82 km per hour. That was one crazy son of a bitch. I believe my video summarise it the best. I had the time of my life there.

Awesome. It took maybe only 2 minutes but all my deepest dreams came true there. It’s so much fun even if you crash. This is how it looks from the bottom. Pretty dangerous, rocky and bumpy.

The second ride was even more fun despite the fact that wind was even stronger. I knew what to expect and felt like a semipro guy there. I could easily do that again and again and again. If there’s someone who wants to pay me for having so much fun, I am in. Contact me on iglo@travelmyhomeland.com. I will maybe tell you how to make those crazy Quetzaltrekkers burritos.

So this is thing about the life. You have to dream but what’s even more important, you need to fulfil your dreams. It’s much harder to think about the stuff than actually do it. Life’s too short. So grab your board and go.

Agency: Quetzaltrekkers
Price: $30
Additional information: Quetzaltrekkers is a non-profit organisation in Leon which supports multiple projects for local children. All your money is going to support them. You also have free lunch and 2 rides.

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