Central America, Nicaragua

Playa Popoyo

3 Jul , 2015   Gallery

We were very lucky because during our stay in San Juan del Sur there were ISA World Surfing Games 2015 in Popoyo beach. It wasn’t very far so why not to go there. The only problem with travelling to remote villages is usually the transportation so I wasn’t very surprised when it started to be complicated.

The good advice while travelling is never ask taxi drivers about buses. They will usually lie to you in order to make some money. The best way is to approach local people like sellers in local stands. After half hour of questioning everyone around the bus station in Rivas we found the right bus. The only problem was it will take us only to the village near beach which was another 8 km away. At least that’s what everyone said.

Two hours in local chicken bus, we got off in Popoyo and started walking. What comes next is why I love travelling in central america so much. We hitchhiked a truck full of local people. What a ride.

Truck was allowed to go only to the parking place from where it was at least another kilometre to the beach. Again, nothing is impossible in Nicaragua and we hitchhiked our second truck.

Let’s be honest, this was my first surfing competition ever and it was hilarious. Huge waves and so much energy everywhere. Congratulations to the team of Costa Rica and individual winners Tia Blanco from USA and Noe Mar McGonagle from Costa Rica.

And what about our way back to San Juan? As I said, everything’s possible in Nicaragua. We caught a private bus full of drunk people back to Rivas. Everything is simply so much fun.

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