Who the hell is Natasha?

23 Jun , 2015  

Do you remember movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks? WHAT? You have never seen it? Immediately do whatever you need to and watch it !!!! For the rest of you, do you remember his friend Wilson? The volleyball he found among the FedEx packages and it became his closest friend? Well, something similar happened to me on Playa Cabo Blanco in Costa Rica. This remote beach requires 2 hours of hiking through jungle to get there. No many people do that and therefore you can feel like Tom.

While I was sitting on the beach, eating my amazing pineapple I noticed a small piece of plastic couple meters away from me. As it turned out it was a green plastic broccoli. My initial idea was to give her to my friends as a gift from my journey around central america but then I realised there’s a better way how to use her. She became my Wilson and I started calling her Natasha.

Maybe you think I am on drugs or feeling super lonely but that’s not the case. I simply enjoy her company. And so I decided to do a crazy thing – took her with me and take many crazy pictures in different places. She instantly became my travel buddy. She was lonely, so what the hell? At least we will have a fun.

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