Central America, Costa Rica


2 Jun , 2015   Gallery

From Cuba I decided to go directly to Santa Elena, small mountain village in Monteverde area. There are couple of interesting things to do here – the highest bungee jumping in Latin America, first zip lines in Costa Rica or beautiful cloud forest national parks.

Direct bus from San Jose supposed to take 4 and half hours. However, after 2 hours on the road I noticed a sign “Monteverde 38 km”. I did the basic math and couldn’t understand. Two and half hours to drive 38 kilometres? Back at home it usually takes no more than half hour. Anyway, I was already used to these time/distance tricks in Costa Rica and expected it will be really true. And it was !!!!!!!!! The road was just being built and it looked like a roller coaster. But at least I saw another spectacular sunset, this time from the heights of mountains.

The same day I booked my place in bungee jumping next morning. That was the main reason why I came to Monteverde. I am was scared of heights like hell and this was my solution to this problem. Believe it or not, at the end it worked. Anyway, the next morning they picked me and my new Swiss friend Betti in the hostel and took us to the spot. I had to sign a paper that by the way stayed that if I don’t jump they will return me a half of the price. Good deal, huh? Funny funny but my smile froze as soon as I saw the platform from which you jump.

To make things even worse I had to wait for 20 minutes for other group to finish their jumps. It made me nervous even more but I was surprisingly calmer than I expected.

So how did I feel after the jump? I WOULD DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. It was the most amazing feeling ever. Of course I was scared but once I was free falling it was incredible. And I decided to jump the highest bungee which is currently somewhere in China – 233 meters.

The next morning I caught the local bus to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and walked whole day in cloud forest. If you don’t know what is it like to walk in cloud forest then imagine a forest hidden in clouds. Just like that. Very cool experience.

And the most exciting thing was this red bridge:

There are many other reserves and things to see in Monteverde. The only problem is that everything is quite expensive. You can easily spend $200 in 2-3 days so be very careful. But because I don’t need to see 5 different national parks, 7 volcanos and 13 waterfalls to make myself happy I decided it’s time to return to the beach again. Surfing is (almost) for free and much more fun than sweating in the jungle.

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