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How much I spent in Panama

16 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Let me confess – Panama was my first country and there were many new things to learn. I was in a completely new environment trying to find my way for the first time. For example, at the beginning I used only expensive touristic buses instead of chicken “rojo diablo” buses. I didn’t know what to expect but mainly I had not idea how to get into them. I also used taxi couple of times and ate in restaurants. Typical beginners mistakes, I know, but I learned.

When I started using local buses, buying street food, eating in local restaurants or cooking my own food my costs decreased rapidly. I was always able to find a workaround for expensive guided tours, it only required a little research. Hostels were cheap and some of them even provided a gear for volcano hikes without any additional costs.

Travelling around central america was my first long term trip and in many ways I didn’t know what to expect. In Panama I did things I wouldn’t do now, after couple of months of intensive travelling. Anyway, despite all this I am quite satisfied with my budget results.

I stayed in Panama totally 33 days and spent 843,66 € which is 25,57 € per day. I would be able to make it even lower but I decided to visit spectacular San Blas islands. This 3-day trip costs me almost 200 €. Btw. if you’re interested why it was so worth read my previous post about it. I also took some surfing lessons in Playa Venao and therefore category Fun grew to almost 75 €.

Graphs from Trip Wallet app looks like this:

As you can see the biggest expenses were caused by these categories:

  • Accommodation – 361,01 €, daily average 10,94 €
  • Food – 147,41 €, daily average 4,47 €
  • Transportation – 230,57 €, daily average 6,99 €
  • Fun – 74,66 €, calculating daily average is quite pointless as these were one time activities.

I had a lot of fun in Panama and would definitely go back. If you want to know about my highlights in this amazing country, read my post which covers it all.

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