Central America, Costa Rica


14 Apr , 2015   Gallery

The thing I appreciate the most about solo long term traveling is freedom I have. I especially love the last minute decisions. Exactly what happened on my way back from Pavones. As I already wrote it was very hard to leave that place. I could easily live there for couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t have so much time and so many countries are still waiting for me. Anyway, in the bus from Pavones I was still not sure what should I do. Go visit Drake’s bay and Corcovado National Park or go up north and try to buy a good surfboard. I knew I have only 2 hours to make the final decision but somehow I felt it will work out. And it really happened. Suddenly I heard one of my favourite songs of all time – The Reason by Hoobastank. Someone was playing it on speakers. Just like that. It instantly made me smiling and singing on my way through the jungle. Silly, huh? And right then and there I realised I don’t want to see another jungle or park, I want to spend my time on the beach, learning surfing.

The city I chose as my temporary destination was called Uvita. I had no idea whether you can surf over there but I knew there’s a beach and cool waterfalls. Unfortunately, Uvita was not as I expected. This place was mainly for families and swimming and the beaches were paid. And so I had to change my plans again. Next destination was Dominical. I definitely knew this is a surfer’s village because couple of guys mentioned it in Caza Olas. The cheapest place was hostel called Good Vibes. Really cool place right on the beach.

I immediately started searching a good board in local surf shops and schools but it was tougher than I thought. Nothing suitable for me. However, one guy gave me an advice to go to Jaco. The closest surfing spot to San Jose is quite touristic place full of drugs and parties but it has tens of shops. And because the competition is high and it is the end of season, the prices will be good. And so I started thinking again how to adjust my plans to consider this new fact. I spent whole day researching and trying to find all places I really want to visit in Costa Rica. I ate tons of fruits from local guy like pineapples, coconuts, mangos or passion fruits and talked to my new friends from Germany and Canada. Good afternoon.

My research revealed there are many other and better surfing spots in the north on Nicoya Peninsula, closer to Jaco. And so for now I decided not to buy a board in Dominical and rather check some waterfalls, travel to some national parks, do rafting, see some volcanos, San Jose and return back to Jaco from where I will start my surf trip.

Next day I got up early to catch the first bus to San Isidro to see the Nauyaca waterfall. Not an easy task though. It’s only 6 km from the main road but hiking in 40 degrees is not funny at all. At least the nature was beautiful.

I saw some pictures of this waterfall before but it really surprised me how huge this place is. There are actually 2 waterfalls – the smaller one is 20 m, not suitable for swimming or jumping. The bigger one is 45 m with deep lake and rocks perfect for everything.

Yes, it was so much fun on the bigger one.

I believe the smaller waterfall is much bigger during rainy season. For now, I could just watch and enjoy the view.

The biggest fun started when 2 local guys came and showed me how to climb the rocks and jump off them. Quite slippery and quite high but what I wouldn’t do for a fun, right? 🙂

As you may guess, the way back was a nightmare. The same 40 degrees, sun shining as hell and of course all steep parts completely exposed. When I was finally back on the road I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even walk. So bad. And of course, there was no bus going on Sunday. The only way was to start hitchhiking. Fortunately, after 15 minutes of walking very nice american guy named Mike stopped and took me back to Dominical.

They say that all things that are really worth are usually not easy to get. This was a great example. I don’t regret anything, it was an amazing day but hitchhiking in tropical climate is definitely not my favourite thing to do. And so to recharge my batteries me and my friends spent an amazing night out on the beach near bonfire talking, watching stars, listening to guitar and ocean and of course drinking cold Nicaraguan beer. One of the strongest moments in Dominical.

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